Alhaji Grusah reveal what Mohammed Salisu told him when he tried to convince him to play for Ghana.

“The Black Stars Chairman tasked me to speak to Salisu because he’s from Kumasi. I called his dad & he linked me to him.

Salisu flatly told me to stay away from his matter. He questioned me that if he was my son,would I advise him to play for Ghana?”

Alhaji Grunsah speaking on Atinka FM: I’m not the only person who has spoken to him. I know CK Akunnor went to him, he said he won’t play.

Even the GFA President said he found where his mother stays and went to her. I don’t know what happened but the Salisu is not ready to play”

“He was angry when I called him. He insisted several times that I should stay out of the matter because he doesn’t want to have any problem with me.

I’m not going to involve myself in his matter again. I don’t know the problem he has with the GFA but I will not call him again”

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