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Ashanti Regional Schools & Colleges Soccer Competition – PROTEST UPDATE

Asare Bediako SHS wins protest against Kumasi High School for fielding an unqualified player.

As a result, Asare Bediako SHS has been declared winners of the game which ended 3-1 for Kumasi High School in group 3 last week.

High School loses 3 points, 3 goals and finned 500 cedis

Also Nyianhin Catholic logged protest against 2 unqualified players of Kofiase SDA (Samuel Antwi and Emmanuel Sarfo) in their group game last week.

Kofiase SDA accepted that Samuel Antwi completed SHS last year.

As a result, Kofiase SDA loses 3 points, 3 goals fined 500 cedis and Nyianhin Catholic SHD qualifies.

Agains, KSTS failed to produce team photo album for inspection, which led to Owerriman playing against KSTS under protest.
Owerriman SHS loged a protest (impersonation) against a player of KSTS, as a result, the qualification of KSTS has been withheld.

According to the committee decision KSTS vs Owerriman fixture will be replayed on Monday at 9am before the knockout stage starts. KSTS has been fined.

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