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Ayew Credits his Father’s Guidance as Crucial Factor Behind Football Triumphs

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Jordan Ayew, the talented striker for the Black Stars, has shared the valuable advice his father, Abedi Ayew Pele, bestowed upon him in his journey to becoming a successful footballer.

Coming from a renowned footballing family, with his father Abedi Pele being a three-time African Footballer of the Year and a UEFA Champions League winner with Olympique Marseille, Jordan Ayew has always been under the spotlight. However, he revealed that being the son of a football legend does not affect how he approaches the game.

Jordan Ayew lasted the entire period of the game for Ghana against Brazil1 1

Instead, Ayew emphasized the advice his father gave him about navigating the footballing world. His father made it clear that the game itself is a testament to a player’s abilities, and if one is not good enough, it will be evident on the pitch. This advice has shaped Ayew’s mindset, driving him to prove himself through his performances on the field.

Quoting his father’s words, Ayew stated, “The football doesn’t lie. If you are no good, everyone will see you are no good. You just need to prove people wrong on the pitch.” Since childhood, he has aimed to demonstrate his qualities and become an influential figure for both his country and the community.

Starting his career at Marseille, the same club where his father achieved legendary status, Ayew has since made a significant impact in the Premier League. He holds the record for the most goals scored by a Ghanaian player in Premier League history, an impressive tally of 33 goals.

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Last season, Ayew reached a notable milestone by scoring his 100th career goal. Among these goals, 19 have been for the Ghana national team, showcasing his consistency and commitment since making his debut in 2010. With over 90 appearances for his country, Ayew has established himself as a reliable and influential presence for the Black Stars.

Through his journey, Jordan Ayew continues to embody the spirit of his father’s advice, striving to prove himself on the pitch and make a lasting impact in the world of football.

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