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BLACK STARS: Alphonso Davies narrates the whole idea of why he did not represent Ghana and questions the GFA over…

Alphonso Davies, the electrifying Canadian soccer sensation who currently shines on the pitch for Bayern Munich, recently shed light on why he never donned the Ghanaian national team jersey. In his candid explanation, Davies revealed that the Ghanaian football authorities never made any efforts to reach out to him, leaving him feeling overlooked and undervalued during his time in the Academy.

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With an air of disappointment tinged with a touch of wry humor, Davies further divulged that even his mother, a pillar of support in his life, vehemently opposed the idea of him representing Ghana. It seems that familial wisdom prevailed, as his mother’s resolute “NO” echoed through the corridors of his decision-making process.

While Davies’ extraordinary talents were becoming increasingly apparent during his Academy days, the lack of attention from the Ghanaian football circles remained palpable. The absence of any approaches or inquiries from the Ghanaian authorities seemed to reinforce the notion that he wasn’t yet a name big enough to garner their interest.

However, fate had other plans for the budding superstar. As news broke of Davies’ imminent transfer to the revered Bayern Munich, a belated message from the Ghana Federation finally found its way to him, delivered via the modern realm of social media—Instagram, to be exact. The irony of such a delayed and informal contact, devoid of any tangible connection like a phone number or email, was not lost on Davies. Regrettably, the Ghanaian Federation’s belated overtures were rendered futile, as his destiny had already been sealed with Bayern Munich.

In this tale of missed opportunities and untapped potential, it becomes evident that the Ghanaian national team’s failure to initiate contact with Davies, coupled with his mother’s unwavering stance, prevented the footballing world from witnessing the incredible talents of this rising star in their national colors. A cautionary tale, perhaps, reminding us that even the most prodigious talents can slip through the cracks when overlooked by those who hold the power to recognize and nurture them.

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