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BLACK STARS: Dede Ayew opens up on the next player to take the number 10 jersey after his retirement from the national team

Andre Ayew demands he feels no strain in the wake of taking on the Ghana number 10 shirt.

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The player traded his 13 shirt for the 10 pullover, likewise utilized by his dad, the legend, Abedi Ayew ‘Pele’ during his playing vocation.

For Andre, the adored shirt welcomes no tension on him.

“Indeed, I think as a footballer, a number is simply something that we put on,” he said at Monday’s public interview.

Dede Ayew

“I accept that football is played on the field and not with the shirt. Better believe it, the facts confirm that he [Abedi] wore the number 10 and today it has come into my hands yet that amounts to nothing.

“I’m still myself and I will do everything I can for my country and I will demonstrate the obligation they have put of me and demonstrate that I can take it well overall”.

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