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BREAKING: From the Camp of Salisu Mohammed he has agreed to represent Ghana at the….

After meeting with the President of the Ghana Football Association, Kurt Okraku, Southampton defender Mohammed Salisu has finally agreed to play for the Ghana Black Stars.

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For the past two years, the defender has refused to play for Ghana due to what the GFA allegedly did to him while he was facing a FIFA ban.

Prior to Ghana’s FIFA World Cup playoff match, coach Otto Addo flew to the United Kingdom to speak with him about honoring his invitation, but he refused to play for Ghana for the umpteenth time.

If the video below is any indication, Mohammed Salisu’s heart has softened after GFA President Kurt Okraku flew to the UK to meet with him.

Okraku was in Europe on business two weeks ago and made it to Southampton to meet the talented defender.

Using his Hausa oratory skills, the GFA President persuaded Salisu to state the most likely date he would play for Ghana.

During the meeting, Salisu expressed his desire to play for Ghana, but Okraku jokingly pressed him in Hausa to name a date, forcing the player to confess.

Dasmani B Mohammed

Greatness await 🙏🔥
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