BREAKING NEWS: Bechem United General Manager confirms the departure of Coach Kasim Mingle as he’s set to join a Premier League club

Bechem United General Manager Lord Zico has confirmed that Kasim Mingle has left the club to join Nations FC. It has been revealed that Mingle did not have a contract with Bechem United.

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According to Lord Zico, “We made every effort to keep him, but unfortunately, he was not officially signed with us. In the event of Mingle’s departure, we will seek a suitable replacement because that’s how the game goes.”

Lord Zico also explained that when Mingle initially joined Bechem United, only an enticement fee was paid. Reflecting on the situation, he acknowledged it as a valuable lesson for the club. However, he expressed confidence that they would meet Mingle on the field when their teams face each other in the league.

Describing Kasim as a “perfect gentleman,” Lord Zico conveyed their well wishes for his future endeavors.”

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