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BREAKING NEWS: RTU’s CEO, Jawhari Baba Duah, has called out his deputy communications officer due to false allegations

RTU’s CEO, Jawhari Baba Duah, has called out his deputy communications officer, Sey Mubarik, for allegedly spreading false information about him. It was claimed that Jawhari had promised the players of the club that one month of their outstanding three-month salary would be paid after their game against Accra Hearts of Oak.

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As a consequence of the alleged unfulfilled promise, the players boycotted yesterday’s training sessions and even threatened to boycott their final game of the season unless all three months of their outstanding salaries are paid with other two outstanding winning bonuses.

In an interview via phone with Mohammed Mutaka, the host of “Yelvuhi Saha Sports” on Diamond FM this morning, Sey Mubarik, the deputy communications officer, revealed that the players’ actions were a direct result of the CEO’s failure to fulfill his promise prior to the Hearts of Oak game.

However, the CEO staunchly denied these claims, asserting that he did not make any promises to the players responding to the deputy communications officer.

Mr. Jawhari clarified that he had simply expressed his intention to diligently work towards securing at least one month of the players’ outstanding three-month salary after the game against Hearts of Oak. He emphasized it was made clear to the players it was not a promise.

In addition, the CEO criticized the deputy communications officer for disregarding the established channels of communication within the club. He highlighted the lack of sufficient consultation by Sey Mubarik, pointing out that he do not inform the Director of Communications, Mr. Baako Alhassan, prior to granting interviews.

Meanwhile, information reaching us suggests that there are still unpaid salaries from the previous season. The players are growing concerned that if their monies are not settled before the final game of the season, it might become an unresolved issue, especially for those whose contracts are set to expire after this particular season.

Mr. Jawhari however reassured the public that the management is diligently striving to resolve the issue of outstanding salaries and winning bonuses. He acknowledged that the club is currently facing a severe financial crisis. He emphasized that the management team is fully committed to finding viable solutions and securing the necessary resources to fulfill their financial obligations to the players.

Efforts are underway to address the financial challenges and ensure that all outstanding payments are made as soon as possible. The CEO expressed his dedication to the welfare of the players and the overall success of the club, despite the challenging financial circumstances they are currently facing.

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