BREAKING NEWS: UK foreign minister shoves Russia envoy out of the conference

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss berated Moscow’s ambassador over his country’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, calling Russia an international pariah earlier than kicking him out of the meeting, sources said.

Truss had summoned Andrei Kelin over what she said was Russia’s “unprovoked and unjustified attack on Ukraine”, according to an professional declaration for her department.

She advised him Moscow had “repeatedly lied about having no plans to invade Ukraine, and (that) its unprovoked aggression had made it an international pariah”.

Western sanctions would inflict pain on the Russian economy, she added, and Moscow “should assume a long, protracted conflict that would inflict a massive human, economic and political value on the Russian government,” the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office assertion said.

Truss condemned Russia’s “outrageous assault on Ukraine as a clear breach of global law”, all through what an FCDO source described as “a very grumpy meeting”. 

The minister “kicked (Kelin) out after he began spouting the Kremlin’s incredulous propaganda lines”, the supply added.

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