CEO of Mamaitaly Ventures win big at the 1ST African Awards

Chief Executive Officer of Mamaitaly Ventures (Madam Shirley Irene Thompson) has won the Female Entrepreneur of the year at the just ended 1st edition of 1ST African Awards over the weekend at the National Theatre on Saturday 11th June, 2022.

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The event, which was held at the plush National Theatre was to celebrate individuals who have impacted the lives of people in their field of work in the society and the country as a whole, and to also portrays the African rich culture.

1ST African Awards is an awards scheme initiated to honor and acknowledge all potential youth who are in diverse ways contributing either directly or indirectly to the country.

Mamaitaly award recognizes her good work as the founder of Mamaitaly Ventures.

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Madam Shirley Irene Thompson noted that Mamaitaly Ventures helps the needy, aged, children, orphans, widows, people with disabilities, empower women with skills training so they get another source of income to cater for themselves and their family as a whole.

Since she started the Ventures in 2016 it has reached over billions of people through various initiatives including free empowerment skills training on soaps, detergents, washing powder, bridal fan and bouquet, brown sugar, earrings, body creams and hair care products, yoghurt and drinks making, and many more and other events to build young people’s excitement and engagement around entrepreneurship.

The organizers of this fantastic plan, the LoversGh Network and the SparkZuta organization, have demonstrated that this is the first time in Africa that such a scheme has been organized.

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They also disclosed that the scheme believes that acknowledging and rewarding these youth change-makers will only not make them feel celebrated but also build a good platform by having a voice and opportunities for the new generational leaders’ while building a great attitude in the youth to strive for excellence.

“By this awards scheme individual efforts to contribute positively to the economy on the continent by striving hard with dedication and perseverance by overcoming challenges and the unfavorable economy will be admonished”.

Through all creative industry firms in Africa, a program to recognize potential and youthful act talents.

Sherifa Guru, Kumi Guitar, Ras Kuuku, Kobby Gee, Nakeeyat Dramani the poet, and many other invited guests were present to grace this great occasion.

Winners of various categories received 79 plaques, along with honoree citations.

Madam Shirley Irene Thompson also doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of Mamaitaly Charity Foundation

Dasmani B Mohammed

Greatness await 🙏🔥
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