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Coach Prosper Narteh Ogum makes u-turn in the latest statement from Kotoko

Prosper Narteh Ogum, the team’s head coach, has yet to inform the club of his resignation, according to Asante Kotoko’s Administration and Operations Manager, Emmanuel Newton Dasoberi.


On Wednesday, July 20, 2022, prior to the start of the 2021/22 Ghana football season, Dr. Prosper Narteh Ogum, who had signed a two-year contract with the Porcupine Warriors from the West African Football Academy [WAFA], reportedly resigned from his job. Dasoberi,
Prosper Narteh Ogum stated in an interview that he has resigned from his position, although he has not yet turned in his resignation letter.

The coach hasn’t formally notified the team of his departure, but he responded when several players tried to convince him otherwise,that his decision was final,” Dasoberi told the Daily Graphic. He added that Prosper Narteh resigned from his position after his proposal to sign 17 new players was rejected by the Board.

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“During the meeting with the board to discuss his report to the management, there was a disagreement over his request to sack 10 players and recruit 17 new players, including four center-backs.

” “It was at the point when some members of the board questioned the justification of some of his requests that Coach Prosper Ogum said he had a two-year contract but wanted to move on with his life, so the club must look for a new coach,” he added.  

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