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DEEP SECRET:The Truth Behind Inaki and Nico presence in Ghana…. And it’s not really what you think?

According to sources, Inaki Williams has made the decision to play for Ghana’s national team, the Black Stars.

The agreement was finalized in April of this year, according to a source with high standing within the Ghana Football Association (GFA), who spoke with

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Since then, Williams has been in communication with the handlers of the Black Stars and is now prepared to join the senior national team in advance of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Despite his affection for Ghana, the forward for Athletic Bilbao was born in Spain to parents who had immigrated from Ghana. He has stated in the past that he identifies as more Spanish than Ghanaian.

However, a significant amount of time has passed since the interview with The Guardian, and Williams currently supports playing in the colors of Ghana.

Along with his younger brother Nico Williams, who also plays for Bilbao, he is currently enjoying a vacation in Ghana. Nico Williams also currently plays for Bilbao.

Nico has not yet made a decision regarding his future with his national team, but officials from the Ghana Football Association are hopeful that he will also play for Ghana.

Inaki, now 27, had initially committed to playing for Spain and had one appearance in a friendly match for Spain in 2016, which was played against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Previously, he was a member of Spain’s Under-21 team, where he played 17 games and scored three goals.

Williams has played in every La Liga match for the past six years straight, an incredible feat.

During the 2021-22 season, he was responsible for eight goals and five assists.

Dasmani B Mohammed

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