DISCLOSED: Caleb Amankwaah finally throes insights as to why did not extend the contract and shares the most painful story about…

Hearts of Oak stalwart Caleb Amankwah bemoans his current plight, plagued by a persistent injury that has left him in perpetual agony for several months.


Lamenting his own negligence in seeking proper medical attention, the esteemed defender reveals that the lingering pain has now escalated to an unbearable level.

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Despite his influential role in the Phobians’ recent campaign, the former Aduana Stars luminary expresses profound disappointment in his club’s apparent apathy, as they have conspicuously neglected to inquire about his well-being. The absence of any communication or concern from the team regarding his injury exacerbates his predicament.

“They have failed to demonstrate the slightest iota of concern for my condition ever since I suffered this injury. Whether I have pursued appropriate medical treatment or made progress in my recovery appears to be of no consequence to the club. It is rather disheartening, considering that I sustained this injury while dutifully representing the team. Therefore, it is incumbent upon them to assume responsibility for our welfare. Nonetheless, no representative from the organization has even deemed it necessary to extend a gesture of support or monitor my rehabilitation progress.”

Fully cognizant that the onus falls upon him to attend to his leg’s recuperation, Amankwah concedes that he cannot rely on anyone else, as disappointment may ensue. He resolutely pledges to confront the arduous journey toward complete physical rehabilitation, striving tenaciously to restore his former peak fitness.

Undeterred by his injury, the valiant defender valiantly soldiered on, steadfastly disregarding the pain he endured during the riveting clash against Kotoko. Despite the affliction, he valiantly participated in subsequent matches when the injury was still in its incipient stages, refusing to complain or shirk his responsibilities.

Compounding his tribulations, Amankwah faces an impending contract expiration with no indications of forthcoming discussions pertaining to a possible extension.

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