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DISCLOSED:This will be my new name on my jersey at the world cup 20222- Partey revels

Thomas Partey, a midfielder for Arsenal, has converted to Islam and taken the name Yakubu as part of that process. However, when he plays for the Gunners, he will still be referred to as Partey, and he will continue to have his given name, Thomas, printed on the back of his shirt.

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Partey has revealed in a recent interview in his home country of Ghana that he has adopted the name Yakubu as a result of his conversion to Islam as a result of his relationship with his girlfriend from Morocco, Sara Bella.

It is common knowledge that the move will not result in a formally changed name.

After suffering a thigh injury in April, which forced him to miss the final weeks of the season for Arsenal, who ultimately failed to finish in the top four and were therefore ineligible for the Champions League, Partey is currently making his way back to full fitness.

It was possible that the midfielder would have been called up to the Ghana squad earlier this month; however, it was decided that it would be best for him to continue his rehabilitation program rather than be called up to the Ghana squad.

Since the end of the previous season, Partey has been putting in a lot of effort, and he is positive that he will be ready for the start of pre-season in July.

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