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Dr Prosper Nartey Ogum expose Kotoko CEO

According to recent reports, there has been a public exchange between Dr. Prosper Nartey Ogum and Yaw Amponsah, the CEO of Asante Kotoko, regarding the circumstances surrounding Ogum’s departure from the club. Amponsah had previously claimed that he begged Ogum to stay with the team, but Ogum has since disputed this account.

In response to Amponsah’s statement, Ogum reportedly said that Amponsah never apologized to him for insulting him during their last meeting prior to the team’s game against Accra Lions. According to Ogum, this incident was what led him to leave the club, and he has disputed Amponsah’s claim that he begged him to stay.

This public exchange highlights the tensions and disagreements that can arise between coaches and management in professional sports. While it is not uncommon for coaches to leave teams due to disagreements with management, it is rare for these disagreements to be aired so publicly. It remains to be seen how this exchange will impact the relationship between Ogum and Asante Kotoko, as well as the team’s performance in future seasons.

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