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FA Cups winners,Dreams FC secure a new home ground Ahead of their CAF competition

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Ameenu Shardow, the General Manager of Dreams FC, the Ghana FA Cup Champions, has announced that the team will be hosting their home matches of the 2023/24 CAF Confederations Cup at the Accra Sports Stadium.

After securing a spot in the prestigious competition with their triumph in the FA Cup, Dreams FC has been diligently working to fulfill all the requirements set by CAF to ensure their eligibility for the CAF Confederations Cup.

Having engaged in negotiations, the club’s leadership made the historic decision to compete in Africa for the first time and has already begun the necessary preparations to make this dream a reality.

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Due to the substandard facilities at Dawu Park, Dreams FC’s home stadium, they had to seek a more advanced venue that meets the basic requirements of Africa’s football governing body.

Shardow explained that his team will play their home games at the Accra Sports Stadium in full compliance with the regulations imposed by CAF.

“When CAF conducted their inspection, they identified certain venues that are suitable for CAF competitions. During the preliminary round of the competition, the rules are more flexible, but they become more stringent as you progress to the group stages. As of now, we have designated the Accra Sports Stadium as the venue for our Africa campaign,” he revealed during an interview with Kessben FM.

While this decision guarantees a suitable venue for the initial stages of the competition, Dreams FC will have to assess the Accra Sports Stadium’s adequacy should they advance to further rounds of the CAF Confederations Cup or consider shifting to another venue that meets the competition’s requirements.

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