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Banku is one of those nearby dishes in Ghanaian fraternity. It is made using fermented corn. The food is filled in as orange size ball along seared fish, meat, hot pepper or okro stew. Nonetheless, the arrangement isn’t all the simple and straightforward particularly the okro stew.

A food darling once said “probably the most pleasant thing about existence is the manner in which the vast majority consistently stop whatever we are doing and move consideration regarding eating”.

On the off chance that you’re to move some consideration in Ghanaian organization, at that point clearly Banku and Okro stew is certainly worth time. It is one of the neighborhood dishes Ghanaians can not do without.

Adhere to the material and continue perusing, in underneath, follow these simple strides to plan Banku and Okro stew.

Ingredients that you will require for Banku.

1.Corn dough. The fermented corn dough is subjected to how you need it. You can take two cups of the corn batter.

2.Cassava dough. Try not to add more cassava dough. Continuously add a little of it help mix well. It is advisable to use 1 cup cassava mixture against two cups of corn dough.

3.One teaspoon of salt.

Ingredients required for Okro stew.

1.Chopped Okro

2.Meat of your decision.

3.Onions, garlic, pepper, ginger, palm oil, tomatoes.

4.Cowhide (locally know as wele or kahuro)

5.Salt fish (momoni)


The most effective method to set up the Banku.

After gathering all the needed ingredients to begin the Banku, mix the cassava dough with water and strain out the protuberances. Empty the combination into a pot and add your aged corn dough to blend.

Add some more water and blend until the combination is smooth and thick. After that add the teaspoon of the salt to add taste. Spot the pot on a higher warmth until the combination starts to bubble.

When it starts to bubble utilize a spatula locally known as “Banku-ta” to ply the blend irregularly until its gets smoother and the shading begin evolving somewhat.

Now, to know If the Banku is prepared for utilization, you can mash bit of the cooked blend in a little water. In the event that it breaks down in the water, at that point your Banku isn’t prepared for eating. You can likewise taste to check it eatable enough.

At the point when your Banku is prepared, dole it out with little balls and enclose each ball by a plane polythene elastic locally called apiepiee. Ensure you keep it in a water/air proof compartment or food hotter. Banku can keep going for a few days without ruining.

The most effective method to get ready Okro Stew

a. Wash hacked meat and cowhide and spot in a pot, add a little water and heat to the point of boiling. Pour in mixed blend of onion, ginger and garlic and steam for around 10 mins.

b. Put hacked okro into another spotless pot, add some water and let it stew for around 8 mins. Mood killer the warmth and permit it to cool.

c. Presently empty some palm oil into another pan. Fry salted fish for some time, at that point add cut onions. Cook for around 3 mins

d. Add mixed kpakpo shito(pepper), ginger and garlic and permit to stew for around 5 mins.

e. Wash and cleave tomatoes and add to the sauce.

f. Wash your herrings and take out the bones, add to the sauce and let it stew for around 8 mins.

g. Presently add your steamed hamburger, and cowhide (wele), mix and leave it for about 10 mins.

h. At long last, placed in your cooked okro and mix to blend equitably, diminish the warmth and permit it to cook for around 5 mins. Add some salt to your favored taste( be cautious however in light of the fact that momoni is normally pungent. ensure you taste the sauce prior to adding more salt)

Presently your Banku and Okro Stew is fit to be devoured. Dish it out into a Nice Bowl and present with a chilled drink.

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