Food: The one dish Ghanaians can get up early in the morning to line for is the always celebrated

The one dish Ghanaians can get up early in the morning to line for is the always celebrated Waakye, an extraordinary Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans.

Here’s the way you can set up a delectable supper of Waakye

Ingredients that you will need for the preparation of Waakye

– 2cups of rice

– 1 cup of cowpea beans

– 2 millet stalks

– Salt

Ingredients for Waakye Stew

Cooking Oil


Onion, garlic, Ginger


Meat, Cowhide(wele)

Salt/Seasoning of decision

Here is the step by step easy instructions to cook Waakye

a. Remove undesirable molecule in beans and wash it about twice or threefold. You can splash beans just as millet stalks in clean water for the time being to abbreviate the cooking time.

The shade of the water containing the splashed millet stalks will change to red. You can utilize this equivalent water to cook beans to accomplish a rosy search for your Waakye.

b. Boil beans in a major pan and add enough water. Check irregularly, add more water in the event that it depletes up and beans is still hard.

c. Add washed/drenched millet stalks to the beans ablaze and permit to bubble for a brief period. The beans ought not be excessively delicate.

d. Remove the millet stalks from the beans before you add the rice.

Add some salt and mix. Permit it to cook which checking irregularly to get your ideal surface.

The most effective method to get ready Waakye Stew

e. Wash Beef and cowhide well indeed. Season them with a mixed combination of onion, garlic, ginger and add salt or any ideal flavoring to taste. Steam ablaze for around 15 mins till it gets delicate enough for utilization.

f. Blend tomatoes and pepper independently and mix some garlic, ginger and onion.

g. Slice 1 enormous onion(optional)

h. Pour cooking oil int a pan, heat it up and fry cut onion. At that point add blend of garlic, ginger, onion and fry till it turns marginally earthy colored.

i. Add mixed tomatoes and pepper(kpakposhito), mix and let it cook for around 30 mins.

j. Add steamed hamburger and wele along with stock to the stew, mix and let it stew for some more minutes.

k. Add salt, or preparing of your decision to taste.

Waakye can be be served with an assortment of topping as per your inclination. Waakye can be served with shito, meat, fish, eggs, serving of mixed greens, gari, spaghetti, singed plantain, avocado pear.

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