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Gladson Awako is still a player of Hearts of Oak-Agent claims

Gladson Awako’s representative, Yusif Chibsah has exposed reports that his customer is at this point not a player of Hearts of Oak. 

Extraordinary Olympics Chief Executive Officer Oluboi Commodore revealed in a meeting that Hearts of Oak had penetrated the agreement it endorsed with the club for the exchange of Gladson Awako. 

Hearts of Oak should pay Awako’s exchange expense in two portions, the first on September 13 and the second to be paid on October 2, 2021, as expressed by Oluboi Commodore. 

The Phobians paid 50% of the exchange expense in the primary portion and per the understanding should make the other half during the subsequent portion or have the arrangement ended. 

Hearts of Oak neglected to cause installment on the said date and accordingly to have penetrated their agreement with Great Olympics. 

Chibsah in a meeting has responded to the reports in the media that his player is presently not a player of Hearts of Oak 

“I don’t have subtleties of Olympics’ agreement with Hearts of Oak however to the extent Olympics moved the player there is a club to club arrangement” 

“Apparently, Awako is as yet a player of Hearts of Oak and he has a substantial agreement. Until Hearts of Oak chooses in any case or the player chooses in any case that agreement is legitimate. Whatever conditions or terms Olympics needs to Hearts doesn’t influence Gladson Awako” 

“There are rules by which Olympics can request their cash if Hearts of Oak has defaulted. They can take the player to the Player Status Committee. Non-installment of the charge doesn’t invalidate Gladson Awako’s transition to Hearts of Oak. 

“Awako has an agreement with Hearts of Oak and just two alternatives can occur here assuming one of the two gatherings choose to end the agreement and, pay the remuneration connected”, he added.

Dasmani B Mohammed

Greatness await 🙏🔥
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