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Gladson Awako’s Contract Not Terminated But Hearts……

Published from Blogger Prime Android AppAccra Great Olympics Chief Executive Officer Oluboi Commodore says Hearts of Oak has penetrated the agreement to sign Gladson Awako subsequent to neglecting to pay the full exchange aggregate. 
The Olympics boss clarified that the club had a concurrence with the Phobians to sign the player by paying the exchange charge in two portions. 
The primary portion was paid on thirteenth September and the subsequent portion set to be paid on October 2. 
Hearts of Oak in the wake of paying 50% of the principal portion has defaulted and neglected to pay the second portion by October 2. 
He clarified that the understanding expressed plainly that should the cash not be paid by October 2, Gladson Awako’s transition to Hearts of Oak will be ended. 
“We had a concurrence with Hearts of Oak and they needed to pay 50%. the principal portion was paid on the thirteenth September”, he told Happy FM. 
“The subsequent portion was to be paid on October 2. In the arrangement, it was said in the event that they neglect to pay the cash the understanding is invalidated or ended which was endorsed by Vincent Sowah Odotei” 
“He is as of now an Olympics player and should get back to us now. Any sum paid isn’t refundable”. 
Oluboi clarified that this understanding was marked in light of an involvement in Hearts of Oak concerning move. 
“We were requesting all the sum from Hearts of Oak before we discharge the player since we realized this would occur”. 
“From 2 October there is no greater concurrence with Hearts of Oak. He actually has an agreement with Great Olympics till 22 October, 2021”. 
“It is in his agreement that in the event that he doesn’t travel to another country he will finish paperwork for Great Olympics”.

Dasmani B Mohammed

Greatness await 🙏🔥
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