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Ghana Sports Minister condemns Nigerians over Crowd Violence in World Cup Qualifiers towards Black Stars
Ghana’s minister of Youth and Sports Hon. Mustapha Yussif

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has condemned the crowd violence that erupted immediately after the Black Stars eliminated Nigeria’s Super Eagles from the 2022 World Cup when the two aspects met in Abuja for the 2nd leg of the Qualifying playoff.
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An unhappy Mustapha Yussif told Asempa FM’s Enoch Wallanyo Wallas in an interview the action of the fans can’t be everyday and now not be tolerated.

Mr Mustapha who maintained that Spectators should be made to apprehend that soccer suits have 3 outcomes, and which ever come to their teams, have to be accepted.

Crowd violence at the

Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja left one lifeless after the Black Stars held the Super Eagles to a 1-1 Draw.

The Black Stars advanced to the World cup at the fee of their neighbors, forcing fans to go on rampage, destroying houses at the stadium.

‘As a minister responsible for Sports, I take this probability to Condemn what came about after the game, it shouldn’t take place in Africa, Football is a recreation and we understand that there are only 3 outcome, you both win or lose and the next one is to draw, and once it has happen, you have to accept it and reorganize yourself, and rebuild your team, however Destruction of property, and the threatening of human lives is something that can’t be general anywhere on our continent or globally, so we have to condemn that act of Nigerian Spectators’. Hon. Mustapha said.

The Minister maintained that Football matches in as tons are for business, are generally to foster solidarity among countries, and absolutely everyone seen inflicting hassle need to be held accountable.

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