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HOT NEWS: Kim Kardashian expresses her difficulty in dating someone in the public eye but insist Kanye west should

Kim Kardashian has expressed the difficulties of dating someone in the public eye. The 42-year-old celebrity shared that she and her ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, had conversations about the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship while being filmed for her reality TV series.

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In a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” Kim explained, “It’s tough when you start dating someone and you’re on a reality show, so Pete and I had that conversation right from the beginning. You obviously know what you’re getting yourself into. But then the fans were like, ‘Pete’s not on the show!’ and I was like, ‘We made that clear from the start. It’s not his thing.’ But then I decided to open up, and I had him on the show. I talked about everything, so what else do you want?”

Kim wanted the comedian to feel comfortable around the TV cameras during their relationship. After dating for nine months, Kim and Pete split in 2022. Kim stated, “I’m not going to meet someone and say, ‘Pause! Before we go any further, will you be on my show?’ And he was still on the show, guys! He participated at the level he felt comfortable with.”

Earlier this year, insiders revealed that Kim’s family is eager to see her find love again. The reality star, who was previously married to rapper Kanye West from 2014 to 2022, hasn’t publicly dated anyone since her split from Pete. However, her family hopes that she will soon reenter the dating scene.

According to a source from Entertainment Tonight, “Her family is encouraging her to get back out there again, and everyone just wants her to be happy and continue to succeed in all aspects of her life.”

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