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Sarkodie Responds with a Diss Song after Yvonne Nelson’s Memoir Reveals Their Past Relationship

Ghanaian rapper Michael Owusu Addo, widely known as Sarkodie, has fired back at actress Yvonne Nelson with a diss song following the release of her memoir on June 18, 2023.

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Yvonne Nelson, aged 37, had unveiled shocking revelations about their previous relationship in her book titled “I AM Not Yvonne Nelson.” In response, Sarkodie released a track titled “Try Me,” refuting the claims made by Nelson, including an alleged pregnancy and subsequent abortion.

  1. Yvonne Nelson’s Revelations and Sarkodie’s Counteractions: Yvonne Nelson, a renowned Ghanaian actress, unveiled her memoir, “I AM Not Yvonne Nelson,” which shed light on her past relationship with Sarkodie. Among the revelations, Nelson stated that Sarkodie impregnated her and pressured her to terminate the pregnancy. In a direct response, Sarkodie, a BET winner, released a diss track titled “Try Me,” vehemently denying all allegations made by Nelson.
  2. Sarkodie’s Denial and Defense: In his diss song, Sarkodie refuted Yvonne Nelson’s claims and presented his side of the story. He addressed the alleged pregnancy, asserting that Nelson refused to visit his doctor and emphasized that she was still in school and not ready to become a mother at the time. Through the lyrics of “Try Me,” Sarkodie defended his actions and sought to set the record straight regarding their past relationship.
  3. Yvonne Nelson’s Reaction: Following the release of Sarkodie’s diss song, Yvonne Nelson took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the defamatory content. The 37-year-old actress tweeted about her disappointment upon hearing the song, expressing the emotional impact it had on her. It is evident that the revelations and subsequent response have stirred up strong emotions for Nelson, who has been haunted by her past choices, including the decision to terminate her pregnancy.
  4. The memoir release by Yvonne Nelson and the subsequent diss track by Sarkodie have generated significant attention and controversy. With Yvonne Nelson’s candid revelations and Sarkodie’s vehement denial through his music, their past relationship has become a topic of discussion in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Fans and followers eagerly await any further responses or developments in this ongoing saga between the two prominent figures.

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