HOT NEWS: Sarkodie’s Wife Tracy Sarkcess finally responds to the alleged Abortion of Yvonne Nelson and says..

The recent revelation by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson about her past abortion, involving award-winning rapper Sarkodie, has ignited a heated conversation in the media space of Ghana and Nigeria.

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Yvonne Nelson unveiled this revelation in her newly launched book titled “I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON.” With Ghanaians criticizing Sarkodie for not taking responsibility, the focus has now turned to Tracey Sarkcess, Sarkodie’s wife, and how she might react to the news. However, Tracey Sarkcess has offered a cryptic response, indicating her continued support for her husband.

The revelation made by Yvonne Nelson has captured significant attention across the media space in Ghana and Nigeria. Yvonne Nelson disclosed that she underwent an abortion in 2010 due to Sarkodie’s reluctance to settle down with her, citing his involvement with another woman at the time. The book launch, titled “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” took place at Peduase Valley Resort, gathering support from industry players, friends, and the media.

Many Ghanaians have expressed their disappointment towards Sarkodie, criticizing him for impregnating Yvonne Nelson and allegedly avoiding responsibility for the pregnancy. This revelation has also raised concerns about how Tracey Sarkcess, Sarkodie’s wife, would handle the emotional impact of this news. Speculations about a potential divorce or other consequences arising from Yvonne Nelson’s expose have surfaced.

However, Tracey Sarkcess has responded to the situation in a cryptic manner. In a video post shared on her official Instagram page about two hours ago, she addressed World Refugee Day, highlighting her involvement in a campaign.

Throughout the video, she deliberately flaunted her wedding ring, symbolizing her commitment to her husband regardless of the ongoing controversy. The caption accompanying the video post read, “It’s #WorldRefugeeDay! Let’s give refugees hope away from home and help create a world where refugees feel included. @unhcrpartnershipsafrica.”

Yvonne Nelson’s recent revelation about her abortion and involvement with Sarkodie has caused a significant stir in the media space of Ghana and Nigeria. While Ghanaians have criticized Sarkodie for his alleged lack of responsibility, the focus has shifted to Tracey Sarkcess, his wife. Despite the potential emotional impact of the situation, Tracey Sarkcess has offered a cryptic response, reaffirming her support for her husband through a social media post on World Refugee Day. As the conversation continues, the public eagerly awaits further developments regarding the parties involved.

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