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I’m Disappointed In Ghanaians Criticizing Jordan Ayew – Rahim Ayew Füm£s;

After the new World Cup end of the season games experience among Ghana and Nigeria, one player that turned into a cynosure of analysis is Jordan Ayew.

Comparable to the degree of frustration Ghanaians had in his style of play, they chose to provide him with a portion of jabs to motivate him to put off his best in the following experience that will be played in Abuja.

Some guaranteed he was excessively narrow minded and hesitant to allow different players the opportunity to sparkle due to his egotistical interest.

Comparable to the gigantic boisterous attacks terminated at him, his sibling Rahim Ayew has communicated his most extreme disillusionment in the response of fans towards his presentation in the recently finished crunching match.s

As indicated by Rahim Ayew, Jordan Ayew has made a ton of penances for the nation and because of this reason he ought not be booed or attacked like he was in Kumasi.

Do you concur with Rahim Ayew on this issue?

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