GPL-Is too early for such errors,lift up your perfromance-Referees Manager Warns GPL Refs

“With the complaints and decision from the match review panel,we have had the opportunity to read through the decision.In the case of the Kotoko issue they talked about the Ganiu incident,it was a serious foul play.Ganiu was not aiming at the ball but the human being,the red card should have gone but the referee opted for a yellow card. I am advising our referees not to compromise on some of these things,if it’s a red card,give a red card.You shouldn’t say it’s minimal hence showing a yellow card.

Before the league commenced we did a 5-day training for our referees to improve their performances but on the first week there were some few errors committed,on the second week it went quite well with the exception of a few errors but I think generally we’ve seen some errors and the referees need to work extra hard.The referees must lift up their game,tit is not too good to see referees commit such errors in the early stages of the league.

The GFA and the clubs have invested a lot of money in the league so referees must also uplift their performance to improve the league.They have to do more training and not only when they are going for their fitness test.”


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