JUST IN: Ex-army officer sums up why Ukraine will triumph on battleground

Former US Army Lieutenant General Mark Hertling tweeted that Armed Forces with an unwavering belief in what they are fighting for, combined with the right support, can defeat a force that appears to have superior resources.

Mr Hertling, who led the 1st Armoured Division and the US Army Europe before retiring in 2013, explained that while Russia has superior air power and “devastating” artillery, its training “sucks” and intelligence “is clumsy.”

“Their soldiers are mostly one-year conscripts, not professionals, and they have a poor NCO Corps,” he explained. Their officers, for the most part, are dreadful.”

According to the former soldier, when he first served with Ukrainian soldiers in 2004, they were also poorly led, trained, and disciplined, but they have since improved significantly as a result of his efforts.

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