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Kotoko Communication and Brands Manager Condemns GFA for Unjust Treatment Given to Medeama and Exposes Them of Huge Bonuses they have bagged during……

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David Obeng, the communication and brands manager of Kotoko in the Ghana Premier League, recently expressed his deep concern regarding the disparity in monetary rewards between Medeama, the league leaders, and executives at the World Cup.

Obeng lamented the fact that Medeama, despite their exceptional performance in the domestic league, received a meager prize money of $26,629 In contrast, executives involved in the World Cup were granted a substantial appearance fee of $100,000. He found it disheartening that a team displaying exceptional skill and dedication received such a relatively small amount.

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The significant gap between Medeama’s prize money and the executive fees at the World Cup highlighted a lack of fairness and proportionality within the sporting realm, according to Obeng. He believed that the success and achievements of domestic league teams should be suitably recognized and rewarded.

Obeng’s complaints shed light on the broader issue of financial discrepancies in football, where the distribution of resources and rewards often favors certain events and individuals. His outspoken commentary has ignited a debate about the need for more equitable compensation structures across all levels of the sport.

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His plea for reform resonates with the sentiments of those who believe in the importance of valuing and supporting grassroots football. Obeng’s concerns emphasize the need for a fair and balanced system where teams and individuals are appropriately acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions.

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