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LEAK: Kylian Mbappe’s Uncle leaks Mbappe’s decision and it’s obvious what everyone was expecting… Click to read more

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Earlier this week, Kylian Mbappe was given the honor of being voted the Player of the Year for Ligue 1, and he finally opened up about his goals for the future.

The young man, who was only 23 at the time, stated, “I made the mistake of running the race three years ago. Even though this isn’t the appropriate time or location, I still wanted to express my gratitude to everyone. I will let you know very soon what my decision is. My decision is practically complete in my head.It will take place well in advance of the 28th of May, when the French team will get together.

After turning down a number of lucrative contract offers from Paris Saint-Germain , there is widespread speculation that Mbappe will make a free transfer to Real Madrid. [blessonemps]

According to incoming rumors, Mbappe will most likely continue his career with Paris Saint-Germain.

Let’s keep an eye on everything and wait until Sunday for Mbappe to make his final decision.On the other hand, there have been new rumors that the forward might end up staying in France after all because PSG is giving him a level of power over the club that has never been seen before.

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1 year ago

Please come to Real Madrid

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