Meet The Sensational Abubakar Mohammed Aminu

Abubakar Mohammed Aminu is a passionate young Writer, a social Entrepreneur and a creative Activist. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media studies with a major Development Communication at the University of Education, Winneba.

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As a young man who grew up from Ejura Zango/Dagomba Line, Aminu is a firsthand to the challenging spheres of life, especially the challenges of living in Zango. For a place characterised by streetism, teenage pregnancy and drug abuse, the potentials of young people coming from such places often comes under several elbowing, and so, Aminu aspires to change the narrative and provide a sustainable solution to the marginalized.

This young man’s hardwork, honesty and dedication to work has been rewarded severally by both Masters and Colleagues alike. As part of his strength is his ability to persuade and relate well with all manner of individuals from different walks of life, upbringing or ideology. Despite his share of limitations, character flaws and personality weakness, Aminu believes he can weather through the brazen setbacks and annex top spots in industry work and in the field of academia.

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As a team player, a humble fellow and a passionate agent of positive change, Aminu has dispensed his energies and intellect to helping build and develop brands and organizations. Notable are; OHM foundation Ghana where he founded and served as the president, Radio WindyBay (Campus Radio) where he interns as a presenter and a sports analyst, SiNA Opticals, marketing and Public Relations specialist and at the communication and media studies students association (CoMSSA-UEW) where he serves as the General Secretary.

Aminu is heavily with seamless and peerless writing acumen, he mostly writes on youth and community development related articles and poetry. It was not surprising to see him author a poetry collection titled “Beyond the Ordinary” which poetry lovers drooled over.

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An experienced marketing and public relations specialist with a demonstrated history in working in the health care and financial industry. Skilled in business planning and marketing communication, sales and marketing, branding and publicity, social media management and advertising.

Dasmani B Mohammed

Greatness await 🙏🔥
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