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“My Mother Is Not A Negative Influence On My Life, She’s Doing What Every Mother Would Do”- Jay Bahd

“My Mother Is Not A Negative Influence On My Life, She’s Doing What Every Mother Would Do”- Jay Bahd

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Jay Bahd of the well known Asakaa Boys music bunch situated in Kumasi has uncovered that his mom who he alludes to as Mama Demon has no adverse impact on his life.
Talking in a meeting on the Delay Show with Deloris Frimpong Manso, Jay Bahd while responding to his past sekz tape that became a web sensation expressed that his mom safeguarded him since that was what each caring mother would do.

It would be distinctively reviewed that the performer moved via online entertainment after his sekz tape turned into a web sensation via web-based entertainment. In response to that, his mom assailed Ghanaians for reprimanding her child since he isn’t the first to have his sekz tape spilled via online entertainment.

Indeed, Jay Bahd says that his mom was not empowering him to do the terrible stuff but rather she was just safeguarding him similarly as each mother would do.

He expressed that regardless of whether he was essentially as awful as Ghanaians labeled him to be, his mom is the one in particular who can protect him and keep him near her notwithstanding his evildoings.

Elsewhere in the world, on Saturday sixteenth of April, an associated ritualist was apparently trapped under lock and key with involved child diapers and sterile cushions in Benin City, Edo State in Nigeria.

The one who acted like a crazy person meandering the area was being seen by certain occupants as he adversaries around picking utilized child diapers, pants, and sterile cushions from dust canisters.

Upon cross examination, the man professes to be working with Yahoo Boys who have been mentioning such things for ceremonial purposes. When requested to uncover the personality from his clients, the man said he would prefer to kick the bucket than list the names of his clients.

He at any point admitted that one of his clients he has been providing these things has as of late procured a chateau from anything he went to do with the pre-owned diapers and cushions.

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