Pastor Elvis Agyeman Issues Strong Warning To Side Chicks Using Alpha Hour To Break Homes

The founder and lead pastor of Grace Mountain Ministry and the convenor of Alpha Hour, Pastor Agyemang Elvis has issued a strong warning to side chicks who use his platform to break homes.

During one of the live episodes of Alpha Hour, Pastor Elvis made it clear that he doesn’t condone evil and that any woman who is a side chick to a married man should stop using the alpha hour to break the homes.


Pastor Elvis’s comments were a result of a testimony given by a woman whose husband’s side chick kept sharing the Alpha hour link with him.

According to the woman, her husband’s side chick was bold enough to say that she wanted to pray the wife out of the relationship.


This annoyed Pastor Elvis who made it clear that God cannot be mocked and as a such side chicks should stop misbehaving or face the wrath of God.

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