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Prosper Nattey Ogum claims he didn’t sign any player when he was at Kotoko

Dr. Prosper Nartey Ogum has made a claim that he did not sign any players during his time at Kotoko. According to Ogum, players such as Clinton Opoku, Richard Boadu Agadas, and Samuel Appiah were actually signed by Yaw Amponsah, the CEO of Asante Kotoko. This disagreement between Ogum and Amponsah highlights the potential conflicts that can arise between coaches and management in professional sports.

It is not uncommon for coaches and management to have differing opinions when it comes to decision-making regarding player signings and transfers. In this case, Ogum is disputing Amponsah’s claim that he begged him to stay at the club. Ogum cites an incident where Amponsah insulted him as the reason for his departure.

As with any public exchange between individuals in professional sports, it will be interesting to see if any further developments arise from this situation. It is important for coaches and management to work together effectively in order to create a successful team, and disputes such as this can have a negative impact on team morale and performance.

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