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REVEALED: Reason why Benjamin Afutu’s contract was terminated, Hearts of Oak tells Afutu’s camp that they…

According to reports, Benjamin Afutu’s contract with the Egyptian club Eastern Company SC has been terminated as a result of the player’s disappointing performances.

Afutu joined Eastern Company in September 2021 after assisting Hearts of Oak in winning the Ghana Premier League and the MTN FA Cup; however, he has struggled to adjust to life in the north African country since his arrival.

He came to them as a free agent and signed a contract with them for the next three years.

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Afutu has had a difficult time getting playing time for the club, as he has only appeared in eight games, for a total of 426 minutes, during the current season of the Egypt Premier League.

The explosive midfielder was a crucial part of Hearts of Oak’s double championship run from the previous season. He participated in 29 contests and tallied five goals.

Afutu was wanted to remain with Hearts of Oak, but the club was unable to meet his demands and had to give him permission to leave on a free transfer.

After moving there from Karela United in 2018, he remained with Hearts of Oak for the following three seasons.

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