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SCAM ALERT: Sammy Kuffour recounts how three Black Stars players took his $3000 winning bonus

Sammy Kuffour recounts how three Black Stars players took his $3000 winning bonus:

“When I got to camp I was very good at training. Right from there Frimpong Manso, Emmanuel Armah Senegal and Emmanuel Ampiah called me and told me I would play the match because I was in the lineup and I would earn the winning bonus.” “But they told me not to attempt taking the winning bonus because they will hijack it from me.

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I didn’t utter a word… because those days the money was paid right after the match. “I thought it was a joke till we finished the match and I went for the money.

By the time I got there to take my money, someone has signed my name, it was funny. The three players had signed by my name and taken the $3000.”

Jokingly they didn’t give me my money the items I had brought from Barcelona were also taken because I would have been beaten if I complained,” the ex-Ghana international said.

He professed that his first time experience in the Black Stars taught him a great lesson and was grateful for the help he got from some of the players who helped shaped his career.

He said, “it was a good experience for me to have played with these stars. Amah sometimes trained me personally after the team’s training.”

Dasmani B Mohammed

Greatness await 🙏🔥
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