Solution: How to stop unnecessary deduction of Airtime on MTN, Vodafone & Airteltigo

You have just loaded your phone with call credit and just no call or few calls away, you are warned to your frustration that you have no call credit again. You are livid and begins to curse your service provider for stealing your credit. But the credit does not stop disappearing and so you are forced finally to ditch your current service provider for another one. But then, just some few weeks on your new network, you start to experience the same problem you experienced on your previous networks.

Well, in one vein, the service providers could be blamed for the disappearance of your credit. In another vein, it is not entirely their fault as criminals and third party service providers have devised means to engage subscribers and hook them up to unsolicited services that drains their credit as fast as fire will do to a cotton farm. Yes, unwanted subscriptions are one of the surest ways your credit disappears without trace.

This article therefore is to help you stop all unwanted subscriptions and to now have value for money for the credit you buy from network service providers. Let me remind any reader that this solution here is only helpful for customers on MTN, Vodafone and Airteltigo. For MTN subscribers, the magic code to stop airtime loot is *175#. For Vodafone clients, it is *463# and *100# for customers of Airteltigo.

With these codes, all you need now is to follow the steps below for your respective network and your airtime will be safe from today.


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