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Stephen Appiah:I have made a lot of sacrifices, I even bought clothes for the team while in camp


Former captain of the Black Stars, Stephen Appiah, has always exemplified true leadership both on and off the football field. Known for his unwavering dedication to the success of the Ghanaian national team, Appiah recently revealed one of the remarkable sacrifices he made for the team and its staff: purchasing Adidas clothing to create a sense of uniformity and project a positive image.

Appiah explained that he bought the clothing because it didn’t look nice for the team members to wear their own clothes while in camp. He believed that looking uniform would enhance the team’s image and create a sense of unity. His actions were driven by a genuine desire to improve the overall experience and presentation of the team.


Recalling an instance when he and Asamoah Gyan chartered a flight for the team to play a game against Congo, Appiah emphasized that such sacrifices come from the heart and are not forced upon anyone. He mentioned that during a training camp in Slovenia, where the team members were wearing their own attire, he took it upon himself to purchase Adidas clothes for all the players and staff. Appiah believed that being in uniform, just as he experienced while playing for top clubs in Italy, added a touch of professionalism and dignity to the team.

As a professional footballer who had established his name in Italy, Appiah felt it was important to uphold a certain standard for the national team. He didn’t want the team to be seen wearing their own clothes, which he believed didn’t create a favorable impression. By purchasing the Adidas clothing, he aimed to create a cohesive and visually appealing image for the team.

Appiah’s actions were motivated by his belief that certain sacrifices are worth making when they stem from the heart. He understood that the impact of his actions would reflect on him and the team. He highlighted the importance of doing good, as it brings forth positive outcomes, and acknowledged that the opposite is also true.


Stephen Appiah’s sacrifices and dedication to the Ghanaian national team exemplify his leadership qualities and commitment to achieving success both on and off the field. His efforts to enhance the team’s image through uniformity serve as a testament to his selflessness and the mark he has left on Ghanaian football.

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