Take it or leave it:NO Vaccination,No Stadium Policy commence in January 2022-Government Reiterate

In an exclusive interview with Fox 97.9FM,government advisor on health,Dr Nsiah Asare has reiterated government’s position to restrict persons without the Covid-19 vaccination card from attending public events including football;

“I’m entreating everyone to get vaccinated this month to enable everyone go about his normal duty freely,by doing this,football fans can go to the stadium and watch their football without any restrictions because it will get to a point where people who haven’t been vaccinated can’t go to the stadium.

We are giving the opportunity to everyone to get vaccinated now to allow them go to the stadium and cheer their teams up.

According to the Ghana Health Service,all mandates restricting persons who haven’t been vaccinated will start in January 2022 so in January any football fan without the vaccination card will be restricted from entering the stadium.”


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