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“Thank you very much for all the congratulations” – Leo Messi Says

Argentinian football legend, Lionel Messi, recently expressed his gratitude to his fans and well-wishers on social media as he celebrated his birthday. In a simple yet heartfelt message, he wrote, “Thank you very much for all the congratulations.” This brief expression of gratitude from one of the world’s greatest footballers triggered an overwhelming response from his fans across the globe.


Fans of Lionel Messi seized the opportunity to shower him with love, adoration, and best wishes. They flooded the comments section with messages of affection, admiration, and support. Many expressed their gratitude for Messi’s immense contributions to the sport, acknowledging his unparalleled talent, achievements, and impact on football.


Supporters from various countries and fan bases united to celebrate Messi’s birthday and convey their appreciation for his exceptional skills. They shared personal anecdotes, heartfelt messages, and even artwork dedicated to the football icon. The comments section became a testament to the global influence and adoration Messi has garnered throughout his illustrious career.

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