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The Vinicius Junior Rule Passed In Football. Know Why And How It’s Going To Work


In response to a recent incident of racial abuse suffered by Brazilian winger Vinicius Junior, the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has passed a new law to address such cases and combat the hate generated based on race and color.

The law has been named after Vinicius Junior himself, in reference to the abuse he faced during a La Liga match between Real Madrid and Valencia a few weeks ago. Throughout the game, Vinicius Jr endured racial chanting from fans. In the final stages of the match, he reacted by lashing out at Valencia’s Hugo Duro, although he seemed to be placed in a headlock before the incident. Unfortunately, Vinicius Jr was the only player sent off by the referee, leaving him visibly upset as he left the field, tears streaming down his cheeks.


The incident sparked widespread solidarity with the talented winger, with FIFA president Gianni Infantino condemning the act. It also prompted officials in Brazil to pass a new law that mandates the immediate termination of any event witnessing any form of racism.

“We must completely eradicate racism, which is like a cancer, especially in sports. This law aims to combat racism and create a society based on equality,” stated Josemar, a representative from Rio de Janeiro state.

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The newly enacted law includes provisions for reporting racism to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and providing support to victims through the Public Defender’s Office, among other measures.

With this law in place, Rio de Janeiro is taking a stand against racism and striving to create a more inclusive society, where everyone can participate in sports without fear of discrimination.

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