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TRENDING: I have lost interest in the club- Mohammed Polo expresses his dissatisfaction of the Phobian team

Mohammed Polo, a renowned figure in the history of Hearts of Oak, recently expressed his disappointment with the declining quality of football played by the team. He admitted that his interest in the club has waned over the past few seasons.

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“While I occasionally watch their games, my overall enthusiasm for the team has diminished,” Polo remarked during an interview on Fox FM. “Whenever I do watch them, I find myself questioning what has become of the club for which we sacrificed so much. It saddens me to witness Hearts of Oak’s current performances on the field. At times, I wonder what the players are actually doing out there.”

However, Polo acknowledged that due to his profession and passion for football, he cannot completely refrain from watching the team. Nevertheless, he finds it extremely disheartening to observe their matches. “Football is my livelihood and my passion, so I cannot completely abandon them. But the reality is, it is highly discouraging to witness their performances,” the Dribbling Magician added.

Nonetheless, the former Ghanaian international firmly believes that all stakeholders of Hearts of Oak must unite to restore the club to its former glory. “I strongly feel that a collective effort is required to address the problems faced by Hearts of Oak. It is not a task that can be accomplished by one individual alone. I’m referring to the management, board members, coaches, and the club’s supporters,” Polo emphasized.

He further emphasized the importance of constructive criticism and encouraged individuals to voice their opinions, even if they may not offer significant solutions. With the advent of social media, he urged people to express their thoughts in a manner that can contribute positively to the club’s revival. “It is essential to engage in constructive criticism. Everyone can play a part, even if it is through expressing their opinions. We can utilize social media as a platform to voice our concerns and provide meaningful insights,” he elaborated.

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