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VIDEO: Bishop Agyin-Asare anoints Sam George as he captains the fight against LGBTQ+

The leader and found of the World Miracle Church International, prominently known as Perez Chapel, has blessed the Ningo-Prampram MP, Sam Nartey George, to dominate in his support against LGBTQI+ in Ghana.

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In a video located by JoyNews, Charles Agyin-Asare laid hands on the lawmaker and offered petitions for his sake as he poured blessing oil on his head.

“Father, we submit your child into your hands. We implore that Lord, for this fight, you will bring another blessing upon him and extraordinary elegance. We say no weapon formed against him will flourish.

“We say when they accumulate against him, let it not be of you. At the point when they come one way, let them disperse seven different ways. Give him knowledge, give him expression. Secure him ensure his family by the force of the Holy Ghost. Secure his going out and coming in.

“Vehicles he will ride, individuals he will meet, water he will drink, food that he will eat; everything, secure him for the sake of Jesus. What’s more, we ask that your name alone will be magnified and celebrated in Jesus name we call it done. Give the Lord acclaim Hallelujah”, Bishop Agin-Asare implored.

Having stooped for the supplications, Sam George dropped the passageway in the midst of adulation from the assemblage.

The discussion about the act of LGBTQI+ in Ghana has been a moving issue on the train of public talk for the beyond 90 days.

Cleric Charles Agyinasare blesses Sam George to battle LGBTQI+

In the series of online media trades on the issue, the Ningo-Prampram MP has reliably communicated his revulsion about the work on, mounting intense contentions against it.

As per him, the act of LGBTQI+ will dissolve the country’s virtues and harm the current social direction in regards to sex and sexual connections.

Mr Nartey George and his partners are supporting a bill before Parliament to condemn the demonstration and each of its shades in Ghana.

Dasmani B Mohammed

Greatness await 🙏🔥
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