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Video: Coach furiously Chase Center Referee with a weapon After Controversial Infringement Call in a Division League Match

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Ghana, as well as Africa as a whole, continues to grapple with the persistent issue of hooliganism in football, despite numerous appeals to eradicate this destructive behavior. The most recent incident took place during a division-two middle-league match between Kwaebibirem United FC and Victory/Live Now at Mampong Town Park on Sunday, June 12.

In a deeply troubling video that surfaced online, referee Khadri Mohammed was seen being pursued by an enraged mob consisting of team officials and footballers from Kwaebibirem, who resorted to violence as a means of expressing their grievances.

The trigger for this violent outburst was a disputed freekick that led to Victory/Live Now scoring a goal. Kwaebibirem believed that the freekick should have been awarded to them due to the ball appearing to have hit the hand of the Victory/Live Now player before he was brought down. Following the game, the coach of Kwaebibirem chased the referee with a wooden object while the police attempted to intervene. Additionally, some players from Kwaebibirem physically assaulted the referee.

The infringement call that lead to chase…… Watch 👇👇 what the coach did after the game

The Eastern Region Football Association swiftly condemned this deplorable act and assured the public that the referees involved were receiving appropriate medical treatment at Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital. They also pledged to identify and bring the perpetrators to justice, utilizing the circulating footage on social media as evidence.

As a response to this incident, Kwaebibirem has been prohibited from using Mampong Town Park as their home venue for the remaining matches of the Division Two Middle League. This decision serves as a strong reminder that such behavior will not be tolerated, and measures will be taken to uphold the integrity and safety of the game.

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