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(+Video):Cracking the Champions League Code Mystic Egg predicts who will win the UCL final. It never failed from the group stage till the semis

Move over Mystic Meg, because there’s a new divination sensation in town: meet Mystic Egg! While many are favoring Manchester City to triumph in the Champions League this season, an enigmatic TikTok star known as @lavezzi1893 is boldly proclaiming that their campaign will end in tears—and brace yourselves, because he claims to have undeniable evidence!

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This football aficionado has devised an eccentric method of predicting knockout results by pitting eggshells against each other, and his accuracy is truly egg-strordinary. Prior to the quarter-finals, he gathered a collection of eggs, each adorned with the badge of one of the remaining teams, and gleefully smashed them together. The team represented by the eggshell that remained intact was declared the victor of their respective tie.

In a stunning display of clairvoyance, he correctly foresaw Real Madrid’s triumph over Chelsea, as well as Manchester City’s victorious encounter with Bayern Munich, AC Milan’s prevailing over Napoli, and Inter Milan’s conquest of Benfica. Now, brace yourselves for the spicy twist: his semi-final predictions are also lining up perfectly.

This soothsayer has boldly prophesied that Pep Guardiola’s men will face Inter Milan in the final—a prediction that, based on the first legs, appears to be a reasonably safe bet. However, City devotees will be utterly devastated to learn that the Inter egg emerged triumphant, ultimately claiming the coveted title.

Whether you believe in the mystical powers of egg-cracking divination or not, one thing is for sure: the world of football is in a frenzy over Mystic Egg’s uncanny accuracy. Will his prediction come true, or is it merely the result of pure chance? Only time will tell, but until then, football fans will be eagerly awaiting the grand finale, with bated breath and an eye on the eggs!

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