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Video:Kweku Flick Reveals Struggles on the Path to Fame, Attending 5 Senior High Schools in Three Years, and many encounters that might interest you


Kweku Flick, the renowned hip-hop artist and rapper, recently opened up about his experiences attending several senior high schools within a short span of three years. In an interview on TV3 New Day, he revealed that his frequent school changes were driven by his passion for music.

At the age of 22, Kweku Flick started his high school journey at Kumasi Senior High School. However, as his love for music grew stronger, he found himself transferring from one school to another. “The last one I attended was Assemblies of God High School. I started from Kumasi Senior High School, then went to Tweneboah Kodua, Osei-Tutu, and finally to Saint Hubert Seminary,” he explained.

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Kweku Flick was keen to emphasize that his numerous school changes were not due to stubbornness or unruliness. Instead, it was his deep-seated passion for music that constantly pulled him in different directions. “It is the will of God. I wasn’t stubborn. My music was just moving me,” he shared.

During his time at Saint Hubert Seminary, Kweku Flick encountered a friend who was already involved in music. This introduction sparked his own exploration of musical talents and eventually led him to connect with a sound engineer. “In my first school, I didn’t have any plans of pursuing music. However, when I came to Saint Hubert’s, I met a friend who was into music and they introduced me to a sound engineer,” he explained.

Kweku Flick

Unfortunately, Kweku Flick’s newfound interest in music didn’t sit well with the authorities at Saint Hubert Seminary, leading to disciplinary actions against him. “They didn’t approve of my involvement in music, so I was sent to the disciplinary committee. That was the reason why I had to leave for the next school,” he added.

Currently, Kweku Flick has released a new club banger called “Rastaman.” He firmly believes that his journey through multiple schools was guided by the will of God, and he remains grateful for the opportunities that music has brought into his life.

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