You’re Warn:Goalkeeper Razak Abalora told, after slapping a player in their 3-2 loss in the Kumasi Derby

You are warn – Alhaji Grusah cautions Kotoko goalkeeper Razak Abalora

King Faisal president Alhaji Karim Grusah has sent an expression of alert to Asante Kotoko goalkeeper Razak Abalora to be aware of his attitude following the slapping occurrence which happened after Kotoko’s 3-2 loss to King Faisal on Sunday.

As per various media reports, Abalora Kotoko shot stopper – slapped Mawuli Wayo of King Faisal.

Wayo was extraordinary on the evening as he assist every one of the three goals Zubeiru Ibrahim scored for Faisal in the Kumasi derby.

In any case, the occurrence was not caught on camera. Nonetheless, many radio broadcasts and some King Faisal authorities have covered it.

“Razak Abalora should be cautious with regards to his mentality since what he did to Mawuli Wayo was awful and he should realize that King Faisal and Kotoko is only a verbal conflict and the two groups have a decent relationship and not adversaries.

In this way, he shouldn’t have done what he did,” he told Light FM.King Faisal are yet to channel thier grievances to the Ghana Football Association Association.

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